We rebuilt the browser from the ground up, to make you brilliant at what you do

The browser designed for modern work

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It is not just another browser

Browsers have become a de-facto standard for work, yet they were never designed for it (they were made for browsing the web, duh). A million open tabs, wasted time finding that one message from a month ago, always being logged into the wrong account... We asked ourselves: If we were to build a browser specifically around modern work, what would it look like?

Sidekick is designed around modern workflows, for people who care about doing great work, fast. It comes with advanced features that allow you to focus on doing your best work. Deep integration with your work applications. Powerful search. Keyboard shortcuts. Focus on one project at a time. Keep your most-used apps at your finger tips.

Sidekick is built around your work. So you'll be able to focus on what matters.

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Rethink how you work online

Laser focus

Stop messing with hundred of tabs. Sidekick brings all your apps together in a clean and organized workspace. You are in control of your workflow.

Lightning fast

Sidekick is much faster than your current browser. It is optimized for work with a lot of apps. Better memory management, an automatic tab suspender and lightning fast interfaces.

Safe and secure

We never track, store or sell any of your data. We don't make money through ads like other browsers. We even block data-grabbing ads and trackers from third parties, to protect your privacy.

Full compatibility with Chrome.
All your bookmarks, history, credentials & extensions.

Focus on your apps, not tabs

We transform tabs into apps and provide them with superpowers, so you can take your productivity to the next level.

Dock inside

Keep all your apps and notifications 
in view, access them via shortcut.

Multiple accounts

Add all your apps and messengers. 
You can stay logged in to all your accounts simultaneously.

Single tab view

Cut number of your tabs to a bare minimum. Apps run in a single tab 
by default.

In-app navigation

Stay on top of which tabs are open. Easily search for recently-visited documents.

Separate your projects

Each workspace is a dedicated work environment with independent dock and applications. Your work-in-progress is saved as you jump from one workspace to the next.

What others are saying

I’ve 100% replaced Chrome with Sidekick at this point. I used to have 10000 tabs open at all times, I haven’t had more than 5 open at once since I started using Sidekick.

Madelin Woods, founder of Walden

Made the complete switch to Sidekick browser yesterday! Love it so far.

Lawson Baker, founder of RelayZero

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