Skype web app

Skype is a telecommunications software. It can be accessed via most web browsers. But the integration with Sidekick makes it even handier.

Try Skype in Sidekick

What is Skype?

Skype is an app for videoconferencing, voice calls, and messaging. It supports group chats, file transfer, and calls to mobile and landline telephone numbers. There is a Skype web app and a desktop client.

How to use Skype web app in Sidekick?

You don’t have to download Skype app to use it in Sidekick. It’s easy as ABC: click Add Application, pick Skype, and log in with your current account.

Benefits of using Skype in Sidekick

We see the future of online work in using not desktop apps but web versions and integrating them into a browser. This gives you better control of your virtual work environment, saves your time, and helps to retain your focus. There are numerous advantages in fusing Skype web app and Sidekick.

Save resources

  • Memory-wise, integration with Sidekick is a better choice if your desktop app size is more than 100MB.
  • Any document or tab launched in Chromium needs an isolated computing process to run. It leads to excessive memory consumption. Sidekick uses one framework to run similar processes. It significantly frees up computing power and takes multitasking to a new level.
  • Save even more memory with Sidekick’s AI-based tab-suspender that analyzes and offloads unused tabs.

Sidebar integration

  • You can access Skype web app directly from your Sidebar. It keeps Skype at your fingertips and your tab strip free of clutter.
  • You can also access it by using a keyboard shortcut Option-N, where N is the position of Skype in your Sidebar.

Support for multiple accounts

Right-click on Skype icon and add as many accounts as you wish. You can be logged into all of your accounts at the same time or you can easily switch between them.


  • Right-click on Skype icon to search through recent documents or to open our Global Search feature (Option-F) to search through all Skype documents.
  • Type Skype in your search query to filter results. Open the file in a new tab or just copy a link, everything from one handy window.

Split view

Click Skype while holding Option key to open it in split view. Work with Skype and your other documents or apps side-by-side like never before.


Sidekick is compatible with all Chrome plug-ins and extends its capabilities to other applications.


Sessions is a great tool that helps you focus on a specific project, work-related or not. Now you can organize your documents and switch between different workspaces. Sessions eliminate tab-clutter and safeguard your attention.

Password sharing

Share your passwords securely with other users. Now you can give access to your Skype to colleagues and family without revealing your password. Now it works for registered Team members only but we are working to make it available to a wider audience.


Switch between your Skype and other tabs with CTRL-tab and save your mental resources for creative tasks.

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