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Best AI-based Online Tools For Your Browser in Summer 2023

“I think we should teach AI to be creative, just as humans do for their children” Sophia the Robot discusses the future with SOPHIE A little more...
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How Private Web Browsers are Combating Modern Cybersecurity Threats?

Last year researcher, well-known within the industry as mr.d0x, raised the issue of almost uncompromised faith in URLs only to bring it down describing a...
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Healthy Browsing

Sidekick Features: Distraction Blocker

Looking for your phone while talking on it is already in the past, even the “oops, wrong mail recipient” is not a thing anymore. But it is still over and...
Attention Magic

Eliminating Online Clutter: How to Organize Your Digital Life

As an old ADHDer I have a vast history of collecting necessary things in gorgeous piles. Bringing this habit online, my browsers, online players, cloud...
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AI-powered Adblocker: how does it work?

As much as cyberpunk fiction loves to play with Christian mythology, reality always tries to keep up with this trend. In 2018 happened the beta launch of...
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The Pros and Cons of Using a VPN for Online Privacy in 2023

“You’re browsing the internet? Unprotected? I can see what you’re doing, you know that, right? I can see everything” PewDiePie starts an advertising talk in...
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What is The Future of Internet Privacy?

Netflix’s star reality show “Too Hot to Handle” opens its seasons pretty much the same, after all the participants are introduced, the hostess is speaking...

How to Make a Web Browser?

If anything in our daily routine became automatized like breathing, it’s surfing the internet. Browsers are so seamlessly integrated into day-to-day life,...
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Private Communication: A Guide to Secure Messaging Apps

Nothing really compares to a tet-a-tet dialogue. Especially in the means of confidential talk, despite whatever international paranoia says about all hearing...
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Attention Magic

How To Customize Browser Fonts And Colors For ADHD Users?

We already talked a lot about how web experiences were designed initially to disorient people and make them stay as long as possible somewhere their focus...
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Neuro Divers

Sidekick’s best features for focusing and ADHD

In a TikTok video, a couple is sitting on a couch smiling. A man is naming weird superpowers of his wife, and she provides details and reasons. Why she can...
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How Does Blockchain Support Data Privacy?

In a world where privacy has become paramount and data leaks or government-related surveillance are a trade-in-stock, blockchain has emerged as an excellent...