For whatever reason, you’re now working from home or in a remote office, and you’ve found yourself plunged into a sea of apps. This article will discuss the main types of collaboration apps you’re most likely to see in your workspace, and how the Sidekick browser brings all of them together so you can work like a superhero every time you log in.

1. Email

Email is our initial point of communication for everything. We use it to create accounts, get in touch with new prospects, and stay updated on news or changes from any platform. In fact, the average knowledge worker spends just over 3 hours a day inside their inbox.

App Options:Chances are you’ve already got a work email or a free personal email account.

But if you’re looking for something different, here are a few you want to check out: Gmail, ProtonMail, Superhuman, Fastmail, MS Outlook, Yahoo, and Zoho Mail.

Sidekick Advantage: Sidekick puts your email right in a sidebar where you can see and access it easily. It even has badge notifications and supports multi-account login so that you can switch between accounts instantly.

2. Messaging

When working on projects or within a team, communication beyond email is often needed. It should be continuous, searchable, and easy to reference. This is where messaging apps help. They organize conversations among different channels and take advantage of a chat format to keep the conversation flowing.

App Options:There are a lot of messaging options out there. So, you should try out a few to make sure they jive with your workflow and that your colleagues are on them too. From a business standpoint, some that do well are Slack, MS Teams, Google Chat, Twist, Ring Central, and Flowdock.

Sidekick Advantage: Like with email apps, Sidekick puts every messaging app in the sidebar and gives you instant badge notifications. You can turn these notifications on or off depending on your desired focus level.

3. Video

Sometimes you’ve got to communicate face to face. And depending on your work situation, sometimes this is the main form of communication. When that’s the case you need a video conferencing app with high-quality resolution, built-in chat, presentation, and recording features, and the ability to integrate with other platforms.

App Options:Depending on your video call needs and budling options, you’ve got a few choices. Among the top are Zoom, Google Meet, MS Skype for Business, Cisco Webex, and Slack.

Sidekick Advantage: Sidekick’s split-view feature allows you to keep one eye on your video and the other on your notes without ever leaving the browser.

4. Project

If you’re working with a team then you already know the value of a project management app. These tools allow you to track multiple projects across several team members seamlessly. With them, you pinpoint (and fix) bottlenecks within any project and ensure everything stays on target.

App Options: Project management apps often boast of being all-in-one workspaces with lots of features and workflow options. Among the top, you’ll find Asana, Basecamp,, Trello, Jira, ClickUp, and Confluence.

Sidekick Advantage:Sidekick integrates directly with project management apps. So, instead of switching back and forth between desktop apps, you can manage everything directly from the browser.

Sidekick – browser for work

Use all your messaging aps in one browser and never get lost in tabs

5. Timing

As the saying goes, timing is everything. And this rings true when it comes to working from home. When you get to the end of your remote workday, do you want to say, “Where did the time go?” or “Wow, I got a lot done!” When it seems like the world is out to steal every second of our time, time tracking apps keep us on task and in the zone as they keep the rhythm of our day.

App Options: Apps that excel in time-tracking include Harvest, Toggl, Timely, Freshbooks, Hubstaff, and ClickUp.

Sidekick Advantage: Timing apps often have non-obtrusive browser extensions that make it easy to start and stop a timer. Because Sidekick is a Chromium-based browser, it supports every extension made for Chrome.

6. Scheduling

Day planners used to be what organized our days, but now we’ve got calendar apps. And boy, can they do so much more. You can invite people to meetings, get reminded about upcoming events, and let contacts choose the most convenient time to meet with you. If your work requires you to meet with people regularly, a calendar app is pretty much a must.

App Options: Here are some scheduling tools you can use to keep your work life organized: Google Calendar, Calendly, MS Outlook Calendar, and Zoho Calendar.

Sidekick Advantage: Put your calendar in our app sidebar and with our browser notifications, you’ll never miss another meeting again.

7. Cloud Storage

These days everyone has mass amounts of files they need to store, access, and share. Cloud storage platforms make this easy to do and are the preferred method organizations accomplish this task. They enable to keep all your work documents and files online without taking up precious space on your computer hard drive.

App Options: Some popular options for cloud storage platforms are Google Drive, MS OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box.

Sidekick Advantage: With a built-in global search, Sidekick enables you search across all of your work with a single hotkey so you can get to anything within your cloud storage service instantly.

How to Bring It All Together

Browsers are where we work, but they weren’t built for work. So instead, we spend our time moving between desktop apps, our phones, and mainstream browsers just to get things done. We’ve built Sidekick so you can do it all in one place—a dedicated work browser.  If you’re looking to streamline your workflow across every app you use, give the Sidekick browser a try today.

Combine messaging apps

The days of only communicating by phone and text are long gone. Now we’ve got messaging apps. And lots of them….

Keep your tabs together

As you work Sidekick groups your tabs into a session. Create multiple sessions and organize them around your workflow.

Keep your tabs together

As you work Sidekick groups your tabs into a session. Create multiple sessions and organize them around your workflow.