Sidekick Business. A dedicated digital workspace for teams.

Secure and distraction-free.

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Your team spends most of their workday within a browser.

Will this day be riddled with intrusive ads, binge-watching videos, doom-scrolling and unsafe password sharing?

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide.

Meet Sidekick Teams, a dedicated distraction-free work platform for companies.

Teams is a browser-based OS. It helps your teammates separate work from personal life and gives them superpowers.

It’s 100% compatible with Chrome and gives your full control over browser’s UX and security.

On top of that: ADHD-tested focus&productivity features for your team. Over 80% of users say these tools have changed their lives.

Sidekick Teams is a virtual office packed into a single app. It’s ultra-fast, secure, and streamlined for collaboration.

21st-century work is about cloud software. That’s why we built Sidekick around apps, not tabs.

With Sidekick you can deploy new applications across your team in one click.

Set up your team

Define roles and permissions

Pre-install apps for employees

Assign tasks

Onboard and offboard freelancers

You can also share apps with your team members or give access to an account without revealing your password

Simplify IT and HR tasks. Benefit from a secure workspace with VPN, Adblock, and 1000+ settings to build your company’s own policy.

And, unlike other browsers, Sidekick never sells your data.

Privacy is our core principle

Press about Sidekick

“Un navigateur puissant, qui permet de faire de larges recherches, collaborer et gagner du temps au quotidien.”
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“A business-focused browser that lets workers quickly move between apps and easily find any document or website”
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”Sidekick’s attention to ADHD may win it a valuable niche, especially given the apparent pandemic of ADHD sufferers”
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”Аs online distractions skyrocket, Sidekick helps the user better pay attention to their work scope”
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”Honestly, anyone would find their productivity improving with Sidekick”
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“Sidekick starts with the bones of Google’s Chromium open-source browser and adds a layer of productivity features on top.”
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“Sidekick ensures that your browser is up to three times faster than Google Chrome.”
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“Un browser progettato appositamente per aiutarti a essere più concentrato e produttivo.”
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“Ein neuer Browser soll nun speziell diesen Menschen helfen. Sein Name: Sidekick.”
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