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Stay in the flow with Apps

Turn your most-used sites into Apps and keep them at your fingertips in the Sidebar.

Eradicate tab clutter with Sessions

Now you can group, save and open tabs without the mess.

Outsmart ads and trackers for good

Stay focused and work faster with a browser that can kick every ad and tracker to the curb.

Keep the extensions you love

Chrome extensions are nonexistent in desktop apps but work perfectly in Sidekick.

See every angle with Split-view

Simultaneous editing. Instant replies. Crushed to-do lists. All from one window.

Find that where-did-it-go file instantly

Search across your apps, tabs, and workspaces and find anything you’ve worked on in seconds.

Dive deep into focus mode

Shut off every notification with a click and enter your distraction-free zone

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Find install here
Find install here