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Sidekick Teams is a dedicated, next-gen
virtual office and the first browser-based OS specifically designed for teamwork.

In a corporate landscape where over 70% of applications are SaaS-based, Sidekick simplifies IT and HR operations by integrating these tools into a single, streamlined interface.

With 100% Chrome compatibility and 3x the speed, it’s a productivity game-changer tailored for the era of remote work.

Picture a secure, distraction-free environment that turbocharges your staff’s efficiency, no matter where they are. That’s what Sidekick Teams provides.

Top Security

Replace the IT crowd with a single web panel. Full control over corporate apps, browsing, and settings.

Swift Collaboration

Onboard/offboard in 1 minute instead of 1 week. Set up whole new departments in a flash.

Best Productivity

Get the work done with ADHD-tested focus tools. A productivity boost is reported by 81% of users.

Huge Savings

Slash costs on HR, IT, corporate laptops, and software. Sidekick can save from $100 per employee monthly.

And here’s how you can
reap the benefits

Team management

Construct your virtual office swiftly: designate roles with pre-configured apps, allocate task monitoring rights, and onboard new team members with ease. Personalize workspaces, establish departments, and much more…
With Sidekick, you can remotely manage browser settings to cater to diverse user needs. Arm your executives with a feature-packed admin platform, while offering line workers a simplified app with access to select tools and websites for optimal security and focus.
Sidekick allows you to roll out custom White Label applications that reflect your brand identity and meet your unique business requirements. This improves your brand presence and streamlines UX, as employees or clients navigate apps specifically designed with your operations in mind.
With just a few clicks, you can grant freelancers access to the necessary tools and resources, skipping the lengthy setup process. This ensures they can start contributing to your projects promptly. Moreover, once the job is done, you can revoke access with one click.

Productivity & focus

The integrated task manager featuring a Pomodoro timer simplifies goal setting for employees and promotes healthy work/rest cycles. Tasks, once assigned, can be pinned to the desktop remotely and tracked until completion.
Sidekick Teams is a productivity platform offering focus tools to enhance efficiency for everyone. It's highly regarded by ADHD users, who understand the importance of focus. Over 80% of our users reported improved productivity with Sidekick.
Enhance punctuality with our calendar integration feature, which sends out an alert two minutes before a scheduled call. This ensures participants are prepared and ready to engage.
Unlike mainstream browsers, Sidekick never sells your data to advertisers. Instead, it protects users' attention by blocking out ads and tracking networks by the thousands. Additionally, you can redirect users from undesired websites and reconfigure notifications to minimize distractions.


Create your team’s knowledge vault with Collections. This smart, shareable knowledge base brings all the team’s files and links to your fingers.
You can literally pin new apps to your employees’ workplaces. Moreover, you can automate processes, modify web apps in real-time and integrate them even when APIs are not available.
With Sidekick, securely delegate app and account access to your assistants while keeping your passwords hidden. Even password-stealing extensions can't see them, but rest assured, such threats won't breach your security defenses to begin with.


Sidekick Teams provides encryption, remote wipe capabilities, zero-trust policies, data loss protection, and advanced threat monitoring to ward off unsafe extensions and suspicious activities. It can also be used as a secure gateway to internal resources thanks to an in-built VPN. Basically, it replaces your entire IT stack with a single app.
Take total control of your browsing environment with the flexibility to craft your own policies. Tailor the browsing experience to your company's specific needs, whether it's enhancing security, improving usability, or fostering productivity.

And this is just the beginning, with new features launching weekly

With an easy team setup, app provisioning, and top-notch security, Sidekick Enterprise helps you focus on what matters most—growing your business.

Press about Sidekick

“Un navigateur puissant, qui permet de faire de larges recherches, collaborer et gagner du temps au quotidien.”
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“A business-focused browser that lets workers quickly move between apps and easily find any document or website”
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”Sidekick’s attention to ADHD may win it a valuable niche, especially given the apparent pandemic of ADHD sufferers”
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”Аs online distractions skyrocket, Sidekick helps the user better pay attention to their work scope”
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”Honestly, anyone would find their productivity improving with Sidekick”
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“Sidekick starts with the bones of Google’s Chromium open-source browser and adds a layer of productivity features on top.”
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“Sidekick ensures that your browser is up to three times faster than Google Chrome.”
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“Un browser progettato appositamente per aiutarti a essere più concentrato e produttivo.”
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“Ein neuer Browser soll nun speziell diesen Menschen helfen. Sein Name: Sidekick.”
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