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Fastest browser: how to improve my browsing speed?

Fastest browser: how to improve my browsing speed?

By Sidekick Team

Slow browsing is a headache. Here’s how you can improve your browser’s speed.

Clear browsing data

Chrome and other browsers store temp files in cache for a long time. This eats up a lot of space on the hard drive and slows down your browser. To clear cache, click the triple-dot menu (for Chrome and Sidekick) in the right corner, select More Tools and Clear Browsing Data.

Too many extensions

Plug-ins and extensions take up your computer’s resources and can cause crashes. Try to check your extensions once on a while and remove those you no longer use or don’t recognize. To disable them, click Extensions under More Tools in Chrome’s main menu or Add-ons on Firefox main menu.

Beware of tabs

Managing your tabs efficiently will also improve browsing speed. The more tabs you have open, the slower your browsing is. Try to keep track of your tabs and remove the unnecessary ones. Some browsers have in-built tech that helps taming tab clutter. Sidekick, for example, has an AI-powered Tab suspender for great page-loading speeds.

Malware alert

Some malware consumes computer’s memory and this leads to a slow performance of operating system or your Internet browser. Update your antivirus program and run a full scan.

Try another browser

Different browsers have different features, user interfaces, and speed. Chrome, for example, is 15-25% faster than Mozilla Firefox, and iOS-honed Safari sometimes shows even better performance. Sidekick browser is optimized for great speed results. We’ve rewritten its Chromium code to make a lightning-fast browser that saves your time and protects your privacy.