Sidekick Features

Try the most powerful tools for focused work and private browsing


Apps Sidebar

Sidekick integrates your web apps to help you stay organized and productive while accelerating your workflow. Multi-account support means you can run several Gmails from one app.

Global Search & Commands

Search anything instantly: contacts, docs, emails, chats. Limit Google search distractions with our address bar that suggests you the most relevant pages from your past work. Use shortcuts for quick navigation.


Split-View is about simultaneous editing, instant replies, and crushing to-do lists. All from a single window.


Powerful built-in task manager to organize your day and priorities. Pin a task to your desktop and never forget a thing. Run Pomodoro timer to manage work/rest cycles.

Focus & ADHD

Distraction Blocker

Replace bad habits with productive ones. Set your own redirection rules and switch back to task list/email automatically when trying to access Youtube or social media.

Keep your focus

Transform your tab-filled browser into a sleek single window to stay focused on work. Block all notifications and concentrate on the task at hand.

AI-powered Adblocker

Now you can watch Youtube ads-free without premium subscription. Our Adblock 2.0. blocks ads and trackers by the thousands. No ads = faster browsing

Calendar Integrations

Never miss an important meeting by receiving a reminder 2 minutes before it starts. No more anxiety: you don’t have to check your clock or calendar all the time.

Performance & Privacy

Tab Suspender

AI-based Tab suspender & memory optimization make Sidekick 3x faster than any other browser. Sidekick works equally fast whether you have 5 or 500 tabs open.

Fingerprint Defense & VPN

Our anti-tracking tech randomizes data used by fingerprint algorithms, making it very difficult to link your visits to specific websites and build your behavioral profile. Additionally, Sidekick Teams plan has an in-built VPN that conceals your IP. Altogether, tracking you is now next to impossible.

Organize your Life


Eradicate tab clutter with Sessions. This tool helps you group, save, and open tabs without the mess. Stay focused on a project without being distracted by irrelevant tabs. Clean your tab strip and save your research for later.


Separate side projects from everyday routine and your life from work: create different spaces for any purpose. Your workspaces will have their own accounts, cookies, tabs, apps and settings.


Organize your docs and bookmarks with powerful collections, and share them with your team or friends to create a knowledge base that is always with you - on every device.