The only browser built to tame ADHD

Sidekick is a fast and secure browser to get your work done when everything distracts you. Tested and loved by the ADHD community, Sidekick is the ultimate solution for people with attention issues and for anyone who needs to focus online

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Don’t sell your attention

Traditional browsers earn money by diverting you to ads. This leads to loss of efficiency in most people but it’s even worse for users with ADHD. Browsers are torturing them. Sidekick has another, subscription-based revenue model. It’s built to protect people from distractions.

Focus and achieve

ADHD is a struggle. We’ve built powerful tools to help you stay focused.

Full-Screen focus mode

Get rid of every single distractor within your eyesight. Hide tabs, apps and notifications. Focus on what's important.

AI-powered Adblock 2.0.

Sidekick blocks ads and trackers by the thousands to protect your privacy and focus. This speeds up page loading by 3x over other browsers. Faster loading means less risk of being distracted. This is key to coping with ADHD.

Distraction blocker

Protect yourself from social media and Youtube. Set automatic redirection rules to work-related tabs.

Smart task manager

Anxiety no more. Keep track of your goals without pain.

Task center

A simple day/week planner reduces anxiety and keeps tasks close at hand.

Single task focus mode

Pin a note to your desktop and keep full control of your current activity. Built-in Pomodoro timer helps manage work/rest cycles.


Keep all your apps at your fingertips in the Sidebar. Spend more time on productive work instead of switching between tabs.

Organizing tools

Structure your workflow and take it easy.


Save docs and bookmarks in smart vaults and stop worrying about forgetting. Collaborate with others.


Group your tabs without the mess and don't lose your progress. Declutter the tab strip and your brain as well.


Separate projects and personal life from work.

Supercharged for productivity

Sidekick is streamlined for a healthy and productive workflow.


Sidekick is ultrafast. More speed less stress.

Global search

A usual search box is a funnel into a world of distractions. So we had to rethink it. Global search is about most relevant docs and chats, apps and tabs. Find them instantly.


Avoid the mess and work effectively with two tabs or apps at the same time (e.g. Calendar and Messenger).


Use fingers and save your brain for the important stuff.

Best productivity apps under the hood

Run your favorite productivity apps from Sidekick and see how our features make them even better. Enjoy the benefits of quick searches, multi-accounts and sessions. Fuse web apps with Split-View.
Apps available

The wall of love


Loving it guys. Ultra-fast and robust software!


Nice product, looks like my productivity will improve using this browser.


Sidekick has made my work more efficient for months. The tabs are quick to load as compared to Firefox or Chrome (for Google Drive, Outlook, and Overleaf), and Chrome extensions are compatible with Sidekick (e.g., leanlibrary). Psychological work-leisure separation is also achieved by separating the work browser from my regular browser.


I absolutely love this. Thank you!!!

Sounds like a browser for modern time. Clean, fast, organized. Kudos to the team.

I’ve been using it in Beta for the past couple months and loving it! It does a fabulous job of maintaining a full browser experience while also integrating many of the key features of products like Shift, Rambox, etc. without the caveats of a whole separate application.


I’ve been using this for a couple months and love it! Saves so much time logging in/out of a zillion SaaS products. I like that I can have 2 gmail sessions open in 1 browser at all times. I can remain logged into tall of my work related apps such as Figma, Asana, Jira, Confluence, Airtable, Google, etc…


Nice work! Absolutely perfect browser for everyday working routine.


It’s cool. Thanks for building such beautiful product. I am sure I will be using this product, especially the sessions feature.


Congrats on shipping, Sidekick team! I’ve been a beta user for a while now and the product has been really effective in saving processing memory, which is amazing! There have been some hiccups here and there but the team is very responsive and fixes the bugs pretty quickly. Good luck!


I love Sidekick. I am constantly hunting out tools that help simplify and streamline my workflow and I have been dreaming of this day where i can have one place for pretty much everything in my world. I always have groups of tabs on multiple browser windows that used to grind my processors to a pulp – that is no more, Sidekick has changed it for ever – its like I have a new faster machine now!