Get into your sales process or marketing campaign as soon as you log in

Streamline the way your sales and marketing teams work online with a browser that’ll optimize your company’s workflow

Every sales and marketing app at your fingertips

Your sales and marketing team works in multiple apps every day - CRM, email marketing, video conferencing, marketing automation, analytics...the list goes on and on. With Sidekick, you can set up your team with every app, bookmark, and extension they need right in their browser, right when they log in.


With Sidekick, onboarding new sales reps now only takes 10 minutes instead of 1 hour

Brendan H., Sales operations, TopTal

Find anything you’ve worked on, in seconds

Need to find a specific email about a feature upgrade on a product? Don’t go to your inbox. With a single hotkey, you can search for documents, contacts, or applications right in your browser. It’s a built-in global search that’ll speed up anything you do online.


Sidekick’s search bar has been a huge timesaver. I can’t believe how easy it is to find the documents I’ve worked on.

Jerry I., Sales Development Rep, Uber

It’s Chrome with caffeine, double shot

Based on the Chromium source code, Sidekick is already super responsive. But we’ve added a couple of extras to give it a kick. Like a built-in adblocker and an auto tab suspender to free memory. It’s faster, more secure, and you can still use your favorite Chrome extensions and apps.


My apps and tabs in Sidekick load just as fast as in Chrome, if not faster

Francis J., Sales Manager, TicketMaster

Collaborate with your team at the browser level

Is your sales and marketing team taking on a new project? Sidekick makes it super easy to pass on any of your resources within the browser. With just a few clicks you can share bookmarks, apps, and collections of tabs - everything needed to get your campaign off the ground.


I used to always send web links to my colleagues through chat, email, or even text. Now I just share my tabs in Sidekick.

D'arcy L., Sales manager, Oracle

Creating new passwords is old hat

Not every team member needs a new account in every system. With Sidekick, you can share passwords for the same account, without giving away the password itself. This allows you to reuse your shared passwords and save thousands of dollars. Your IT department will thank you.


Sidekick’s shared password feature has probably saved us hours of making new passwords every time someone needed to get into an account.

Molly W., IT-manager, Forward

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