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A new generation browser for a new working world

Sidekick interconnects all your web apps from messengers to collaboration tools
to make you fast, organized, and productive.

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Your work experience,
reimagined, optimized,
and protected

Sidekick is 3x faster than Chrome thanks to tab suspension and memory optimization.
Sidekick blocks data-grabbing
ads and trackers. We never sell
your data.
It provides quick access to apps, docs, messengers, and search
for those who work in a browser.

Tame the mess
of online work

Apps at your command
Turn your favorite sites into Apps and keep them at your fingertips in the Sidebar.
Eradicate tab clutter
Sessions help you group, save, and open tabs without the mess.
Find anything. Instantly
Search across your apps, tabs, documents and workspaces to find things in seconds.
Balance tasks your way
Split-View is about simultaneous editing, instant replies, and crushing to-do lists. All from a single window.
Dive deep into focus mode
Mute notifications with a click and enter your distraction-free zone.
Jump between multiple accounts
Set multi-accounts for Gmail, Slack, Notion, and messengers and never log out.
WOW! Now, finally
Grammarly works
in Notion and Slack!

The only desktop app
you probably need

Sidekick interconnects all your working apps and extensions in a single place.

MS Teams
Google Calender
Google Drive
Why developing yet another browser? There is a battle for your attention,
so we want you to regain focus.
No more excess clicks, random
YouTube clips, or irrelevant
search results. No more distraction

Indefinite scroll
of users’ love

Srujana Bobba
It’s cool. Thanks for building such beautiful product. I am sure I will be using this product, especially the sessions feature.
Steven Tey
Congrats on shipping, Sidekick team! I’ve been a beta user for a while now and the product has been really effective in saving processing memory, which is amazing! There have been some hiccups here and there but the team is very responsive and fixes the bugs pretty quickly. Good luck!
Rus Sellers
I love Sidekick. I am constantly hunting out tools that help simplify and streamline my workflow and I have been dreaming of this day where i can have one place for pretty much everything in my world. I always have groups of tabs on multiple browser windows that used to grind my processors to a pulp – that is no more, Sidekick has changed it for ever – its like I have a new faster machine now!

Boost your work productivity

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