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Browser privacy is a contradiction in terms

Advertisers collect data to make detailed profiles of your web activity. And browsers have little incentive to protect you. That’s because their business model has an inherent conflict—safeguard their customer’s data or sell it to the highest bidder. Sidekick’s work OS changes all of this.

We’re not in the personal data business

We believe that protecting your data and online identity is a key piece of building the work environment of the future. Thus, our private data such as browser history, cookies, or passwords are secure and only stored on your local device. We never send them to the cloud and give you full control over your data. We may collect some information for product improvement purposes—for example, which features are being used the most. But we will never share this data with 3rd parties, and we only keep it for a limited amount of time. You can request to delete this data at any time by simply emailing us at [email protected]

Deploy every strategy to stop the online assault

Every second you’re online, trackers are following you. Advertising platforms track you through your IP address, your device fingerprint, and third-party cookies. Sidekick uses multiple tactics to prevent these tracking methods.

Block ads and trackers

Our ad blocker stops requests to known trackers and advertising networks. This loads pages faster and limits third-party data collecting.

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Hide your online identity with a VPN

In Sidekick Teams (paid), our Virtual Private Network (VPN) conceals your IP address. And we change this often so that tracking you is nearly impossible.

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Disable third-party cookies

You can deactivate third-party cookies to further protect your online privacy. We provide tools to enable them on select websites where it’s necessary for correct operation.


Advanced fingerprinting protection

Our anti-signature-tracking algorithm randomizes data used by fingerprinting algorithms—every request looks like it's coming from a different browser—making it very difficult to correlate your visits to different sites and build your behavioral profile. Consequently, they have a hard time building a device fingerprint on you.

Restrain data sharing with Google

Chrome sends loads of data to Google to improve its services. Sidekick, on the other hand, is working to restrict this sharing which allows us to speed up our work OS and protect your privacy. Where this is not possible (for example, with Safe Browsing which requests domain reputation from Google), we are working to anonymize the request and hide your IP address from Google.

Open suspicious sites in incognito mode

Soon, Sidekick will automatically load sites of a questionable nature in incognito mode. With this feature, we’ll also enable you to whitelist sites you know to be safe.

We will never sell your data. Period.

We are committed to transparency, and we will always give you full control over any information our search engines and other third-parties can see. Sidekick will always go above and beyond to protect your identity and privacy.

For more information on how we handle your privacy, please check out our Privacy Policy.

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