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Fast onboarding and flexible workflows

Onboard in minutes. Not hours

Set up new team members with every app, bookmark, and credential before they open their browser. Every work tool they need is right at their fingertips.

Create unique workflows with workspaces

Create separate workspaces for the various roles on your team. In each workspace, you can set up a different project or client with a session, app Sidebar, and tabs.

Share access and collaborate with ease

Safeguard everyone's data from day one

Remotely configure the security of every device connected to your data cloud, even in BYOD situations. With Sidekick, everybody gets enterprise-grade security built directly into the browser.

Give access, not the password

Stop giving out passwords in Slack or on Post-it Notes. Sidekick’s password manager allows you to share passwords securely without giving away the password itself.

Talk with your team. Right now.

Skip the conference invite. With a glance, see who’s available now. And video chat with anyone on your team with just a single click.

Privacy is #1 priority

We don't make money through ads or selling data like other browsers, so we can afford a no compromise approach to the privacy

Block data-grabbing ads

Sidekick blocks virtually every data-grabbing ad and tracker. Even the ones that other browsers say “respect your privacy.

Respected privacy

Sidekick never sells access to your data. That includes your searches, your browsing history, and your personal information.

Get the browser made to bring teams together

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