Stay logged in to every account, everywhere

Switch between accounts easily with Sidekick and stop wasting time logging in and out all day, every day.

Switching accounts sucks, a million times over

You and your team are drowning in multiple SaaS accounts - personal and professional. And you’re in and out of them a million times a day. Just like everyone else. And yet no browser has a simple solution for switching between them easily. Um...why not?

Our marketing agency works with more than 50 client accounts. Being able to switch between them instantly has revolutionized our workflow

Alex K., Founder

Access to every account right at your fingertips

Make your work 10 times easier when working with multiple accounts. Workspaces allow you to easily isolate each of your accounts in their own customized area. All credentials, cookies, and passwords are stored separately and securely in each space. Now going back and forth between accounts is a breeze.

Apps get you there faster than tabs

Search the history of any individual app. Set them up with sound and badge notifications. Or run them in a private session so you can access multiple accounts at the same time. Tabs are still good for research and browsing. But apps are for the sites you're on 90% of the time.

End the repetitive log-in log-out cycle

Access each one of your 5 accounts in Google with just a single click. No need to change your browser profile or to log out and log in again. That’s because Sidekick can run each app in a private session. Just log in once and never log out again.

Boost your work productivity now

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