What is a browser plugin?

What is a browser plugin?

Browser plugins are small packs of code for browser customization that you can install to have extra features or to have better control of the web. Some plugins give you a better browsing experience, others exist for leisure.

Are plugins and extensions the same?

Some experts say they are but many others say plugins are a separate type of software. The difference is that extensions usually are source code while plugins are executables. Extensions are widely used now.

How many browser plugins exist?

Plugins have been deprecated by most browsers. But extensions remain in abundance. Google Chrome is the leader with almost 200,000 extensions developed for this browser.

Are plugins safe?

Some plugins can be a serious security risk as they can change settings inside, work as keyloggers, and communicate with their developer or third-party websites without your consent. Make sure you install plugins from official repositories and always double-check the permissions that a plugin is asking for.

Which Chrome extensions are most popular?


is a very popular free extension that blocks annoying ads and tracking, as well as websites that contain malicious code.

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is a great screen recording tool. It allows recording your camera, screen, and audio while showing the presenter’s face in a bubble.

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Checker Plus for Gmail

allows you to see notifications and read your email without opening Gmail. This extension supports multiple accounts.

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is a powerful writing wizard that corrects spelling, grammar, and style.

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is a handy time tracking software for reporting, invoicing and payroll.

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