Why do we care so much about Sidekick’s speed?

Because loading speed matters for you to blast through online work
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Features to make you working instead of waiting

Built-in adblocker

Sidekick blocks requests to tracking websites and ad networks. It protects your privacy and speeds up page loading by 3x over mainstream browsers.

Tab suspender

Sidekick learns your habits and understands which tabs to offload. It also knows which tabs to keep open for you not to lose your unsaved work.

Memory optimization

Sidekick combines similar pages and apps (like Google Docs) so it reduces your memory consumption up to 80%. You can run more web or desktop apps without affecting performance.

CPU usage monitoring

Sidekick will alert when tabs have an unusually high CPU usage and will propose to close them.

Tracker blocking

Sidekick keeps only the trackers that enable you to get to your work faster and blocks everything else.

One browser instead of multiple mini ones

Each desktop app is a mini-browser. Working in web apps keeps the memory footprint low, freeing up space for other so much needed operations.