The fastest browser for work ever made

Sidekick designed for the ultimate online work experience and bring together every web tool you use

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The fastest browser
made for work

Designed to be the ultimate online work experience, it brings together your team and every web tool you use – all in one interface

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Sidekick Browser - The fastest browser built for work. | Product Hunt   Sidekick Browser - The fastest browser built for work. | Product Hunt

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Are you sick of working in a slow and tab-cluttered browser?

Today, anyone who works in a browser fights to stay organized. Tabs are out of control, browser windows are all over the place, and desktop apps may work on their own, but they don't integrate well with the rest of your work on the web.

Sidekick changes all of that.

What makes Sidekick stand out?

Lightning fast

Block trackers

Sidekick doesn’t have an ad-based business model, so we can block ads and trackers without compromise.

AI based tab suspension

Sidekick saves memory by automatically suspending tabs that you don't need at the moment.

Improved tab memory management

Sidekick uses significantly less memory when you work with similar tabs.

Work in apps instead of tabs

You spend 90% of your time working in web applications. So we reimagined the browser UX around apps—a better way to work in the most productive applications on the web.

Search all your work instantly

Get your tabs organized with sessions

While working, tabs somehow always multiply out of control. So we created a way to effortlessly manage them with sessions. Now you can make tabs work for you and say goodbye to tab clutter forever.

Keep your tabs together

As you work Sidekick groups your tabs into a session. Create multiple sessions and organize them around your workflow.

Manage tabs effortlessly

Access all your sessions from Sidekick's sidecar. From there you can open, pin, organize, or move your tabs in just a few seconds.

Switch between sessions

All sessions are automatically saved. See only the tabs you need at a time and then switch between sessions with just a click.

We’ll never sell your data

We don't make money through ads or selling data like other browsers, so we can afford a no compromise approach to the privacy

Block data-grabbing ads

Sidekick blocks virtually every data-grabbing ad and tracker. Even the ones that other browsers say “respect your privacy.

Respected privacy

Sidekick never sells access to your data. That includes your searches, your browsing history, and your personal information.

Boost your work productivity

Get Sidekick and get to work as soon as you get online

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Using Chrome? Import all your bookmarks and extensions with just a single click.

Don’t just take our word for it

I've used it more than a month and I fell in love with it. Really! Sidekick is my default browser now


Switched to Sidekick completely, because it has integration with so many SaaS seamlessly! And it`s much faster than Safari


I think Sidekick is perfect! It's fast and the UI is simple and incredibly customizable. Now the feature that won me over was the fact that it does not take as many resources as chrome does from my pc.

Rodolfo Brunet
web designer / front dev

Now i have an ability to organize everything in one place (all my open tabs into browser groups). Can have 50+ open tabs without crashes. Super!

Dave Lifshits
finance analyst

Still enjoying Sidekick. I now work within the browser as part of my full-time job, and appreciate that you built this on top of Chromium thus ensuring the security of the application, as well as adding more security on top. I love Sidekick!

Katrina G

I've been really enjoying my experience with Sidekick so far and will post some feature requests in the coming days. Sidebar is super-feature, shortcuts are really helping in everyday routine 

Dean S.

I am absolutely loving Sidekick! Sidekick lets me keep the sites I use all the time handy without the need to worry about a bunch of open tabs!

@ Tiptop Tech Solutions

Sidekick is great, intuitive and simple. It was like I've been using it for ages. Thank you for your cool product! Keep it up!

Alexandra Bystrova

It's user friendly and very intuitive from my opinion. I've never thought a browser can have that much functionality!


Get more work done by working together

Set up every role on your team for success with everything they need within seconds with Sidekick Teams. And stay on top of every project through your browser.

Onboard in minutes. Not hours

Set up new team members with every app, bookmark, and credential before they open their browser. Every work tool they need is right at their fingertips.

Create unique workflows with workspaces

Create separate workspaces for the various roles on your team. In each workspace, you can set up a different project or client with a session, app Sidebar, and tabs.

Safeguard everyone's data from day one

Remotely configure the security of every device connected to your data cloud, even in BYOD situations. With Sidekick, everybody gets enterprise-grade security built directly into the browser.

Talk with your team. Right now.

Skip the conference invite. With a glance, see who’s available now. And video chat with anyone on your team with just a single click.

Give access, not the password

Stop giving out passwords in Slack or on Post-it Notes. Sidekick’s password manager allows you to share passwords securely without giving away the password itself.

Get the work OS made to bring teams together

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Be up and running right away with Sidekick’s exceptional customer support